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Divorce and Family Law in Melbourne
Taylor & Preston Family Lawyers Melbourne provides the highest quality, personal legal services in all areas of family law matters including divorce and child custody. We know that the outcome of your or your loved ones family law matter is of the utmost importance, and it is vital that you have on your side a Melbourne family lawyer that will provide you with committed and exceptional service. Over the years, we have garnered a strong reputation throughout the legal community for our high level of ethical standards and case results for our clients. It is understandable that you may feel a great deal of worry and stress regarding your matter. We are here to help you get these urgent matters resolved so that you can move forward with your life.
Hiring a Family Lawyer – We are Experts in Family Law
Our firm was established with the principle that the best lawyers will for their clients achieve the best results. We take the time to fully evaluate every detail of your family law matter and then move forward confidentially and confidently, with the goal of achieving excellent results for our clients. Our experienced team is well qualified to take your case to court for resolution when this is the best option to get the matter resolved. Please note that our family law department is well staffed to handle larger and more complex family law matters, including instances where a partner has been left with nothing after a split whilst the other partner has substantial disclosed or undisclosed assets.
Property Settlement Lawyer Serving Melbourne
Property conveyancing settlement cases involve determining the rights of each martial party to existing property and assets. Currently, many people are taking preventative measures when it comes to protecting their existing or future property and assets by having legally-binding pre-nuptial agreements or financial agreements put into place.
Without property settlement agreements in place, the dissolution of a marriage (divorce) can become very complicated. Divorce is an emotional experience all on its own. When you have to stop and decide how existing assets (cars, real estate, jewellery, etc.) will be fairly divided, it can become overwhelming and extremely stressful.
We understand what you are going through. When you seek representation from a Melbourne family lawyer, our goal is to give you the best representation and outcome possible. We are here to answer your questions, as well as professionally prepare your agreements or property order applications. In doing this we strive to alleviate any worry you may have about receiving a just and adequate property settlement.
Divorce Lawyer in Melbourne
We help in the complete range of family law issues, and our goal for our clients is to pursue the most favorable resolution for you and your family. Whether you are facing a divorce, either a contested or a no-fault divorce, or want to file a joint application, or you have been in a defacto relationship, it is vital that you have legal counsel to review your situation and protect your rights. Any finalisation of a divorce will need to resolve the issues of property settlement, financial agreements, child support, child custody, and other financial and personal matters. Ensuring that you case is addressed professionally by our law firm can have a significant impact on the final resolution, whether in court or in negotiations with the opposing counsel outside of court.
We are committed to assisting you resolve legal matters involving family dispute resolution, neglect, or domestic violence. These difficult and emotional issues must be addressed promptly and effectively to protect the safety and health of the individual. Our firm provides legal representation in all family law matters in same sex relationships and can advise you with regard to how your case may be affected by the Hague convention, such as when adopting a child or in cases of child abduction. We provide legal services in drafting pre-nuptial agreements and can help you resolve important divorce issues through mediation.
Child support is often a contentious matter when a marriage or relationship ends, and we can help you understand all the legal issues involved, as well as the 8 step child support formula, and the information you need regarding binding child support agreements, limited child support agreements, and objecting child support. When there is a failure to uphold court orders, our firm can address the issue through contraventions.
We urge you to contact Taylor & Preston to discuss your or your loved ones family law matter, and we will take the time to answer your questions and advise you what you can expect with regard to your case, and how we will move forward in pursuing your objectives.
New Lawyer Aaron Coupe Is Welcomed to the firm
We would like to welcome commercial property conveyancing specialists Aaron Coupe to the firm.
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